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The white paper addresses the challenges observed in the industry when dealing with large data volumes, and suggests solutions to the challenges that may be faced by the integrated unified data architecture based on the combined offering.

Entimo presented at the 10th PhUSE Annual Conference in London a Big Data project in the area of Real World Evidence (RWE) data. The project is conducted by Entimo with a major pharmaceutical company. The presentation touched upon the key insights and developed best practices from the project as well as observations from other ongoing projects in this area. In addition, the author provided a brief summary of the major characteristics and driving forces behind the increasing interest in Big Data in the pharmaceutical industry.

Click here to download the presentation from the PhUSE Archive or access the paper and the presentation on Entimo's web page.

While the traditional approach of searching directly in the database works well for small repositories, it has performance limitations with growing repository size. Storing repository information in an index would make searching for keywords or phrases in content very fast. In order to provide this functionality, a separate entimICE server component - the indexing server - was created.