Entimo to Take Part in 2017 CDISC Europe Interchange

LONDON, ENGLAND -- April 24–28, 2017 -- Entimo will be participating and exhibiting at the CDISC Europe Interchange. Our representatives are looking forward to connecting with you at booth #10 during the event. On April 25th following the CDISC SHARE Workshop, Entimo will demonstrate the use of SHARE content in a SHARE Showcase.





Entimo Launches New entimICE DARE Release 4.2

BERLIN -- September 30, 2016 -- Entimo launches a new version of entimICE DARE - 4.2. The release contains numerous new features and improvements, including define 2.0 with full support of ARM 1.0, algorithms for CDISC eSHARE downloads, generic mapping rules, as well as new reports for enhanced traceability.