Entimo Enters Strategic Partnership With Teradata

BERLIN -- 07 May, 2014 -- Entimo AG, a life sciences and regulatory informatics company based in Berlin, Germany, and Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the leading analytic data platforms, marketing applications and services company, have entered into a strategic partnership. The partnership will strengthen the offerings of Entimo’s clinical and pre-clinical phases of the drug development process and Teradata’s industry specific services and provide the pharmaceutical industry a new generation of configurable, high-performance analytical solutions which optimize business processes and fulfill the regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, globally.

Entimo is known in the pharmaceutical industry as a highly specialized, product-focused software company and a trusted provider of enterprise applications. Entimo offers an integrated clinical environment (entimICE) – a truly metadata-driven, configurable and regulatory compliant solution platform for life sciences. The company’s product portfolio enables customers to implement an end-to-end process from standards governance and study setup to statistical analytics and submission in an efficient, validated and reproducible way. The key entimICE modules include the Metadata Repository, Clinical Data Repository, Mapping Generator and Computing Environment for various programming languages including SAS and R. Other modules include Study Builder, Define.xml Generator for STDM and ADaM as well as numerous validation tools including STDM and ADaM checkers. All components are based on the same technological framework and deliver to the user a seamless application experience.

Teradata is the acknowledged industry leader in the area of big data analytics. Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture (UDA) enables agile analytics with incredibly fast parallel processing, scalability to process massive volumes of data, and rich, in-database analytic capabilities. With its uniquely integrated solutions, which help the customer to harness critical information and operationalize meaningful insights, Teradata can handle extremely large data volumes and can be used across a range of analytical tools.

“With the Entimo partnership, Teradata products can be used in processes which require controlled and traceable workflows in order to fulfill the needs and regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry,” says Jürg Bühler, Country Manager, Switzerland. “We are excited about new opportunities in the regulated areas of life sciences which emerge through our partnership.”

“The Teradata products leverage the entimICE platform as an excellent backend for the clinical repository,” comments Jürgen Spieler, CEO and Managing Director of Entimo. “The combined solution provides to Entimo’s clients a highly scalable option for data storage and analytical processes.”

The combined products can be used to pool large data volumes across trials, projects and indications without compromising performance, governance and compliance. entimICE drives and controls all workflows and serves as a broker between integrated analytical components, including the Teradata database. The high-performing analytical platform allows even processing and integration of Real World Evidence data on the same platform in a regulatory-compliant manner while benefiting from the full-fledged tool spectrum available in the entimICE software. Finally, both Entimo and Teradata products work well with all key analytical tools, making for an excellent fit for customers who can leverage their existing reporting infrastructures.
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