Entimo Presents on Versioning at PhUSE Single Day Event in Basel

BASEL -- November 04, 2015 -- At the PhUSE Single Day Event "Operating Systems and Version Control", entimo presented on dimensions of standards versioning from variables and terms to program code.

Versioning is a very ambiguous term with different facets und meanings depending on the industry and company where it is used. The goal of this presentation is to illuminate the versioning concept(s) with the focus on standards governance in Life Sciences organizations. After defining the term and narrowing down the scope, the presenter will guide the participants through the end-to-end chain of standards from protocol elements through variables (e.g. CDISC CDASH, SDTM, ADaM) or terms to programming code and provide specifics and versioning options for the described artifacts. The metadata repository entimICE DARE MDR shall be used among other tools as the source for examples how version-related issues in the end-to-end standards governance can be solved.