entimICE Enabling Program

First Steps

The first step to becoming a successful Entimo Alliance Partner is to learn about our products. Entimo offers a modular training program which will help you rapidly ramp up your internal entimICE experts. We believe that certification is so indispensable to your success that we have made it a requirement of the program: you will need to complete the Programmer or Metadata Steward module in order to move to the Expert tier. We believe in continuous development and constantly improve our products to ensure their progress along the roadmap. To keep you up-to-date regarding product functionality, the program requires your training commitment - each partner has to participate in a training program offered by Entimo at least every three years in order to remain in the tier. Expert partners commit to educate at least three (3) persons within each three-year term. Strategic partners commit to educate at least five (5) persons within each three-year term. The certification will help us assess your team’s experience and ensure that our customers have best-in-class consulting.

Training Concept

Our training concept is built on live system training to deliver hands-on experience supported by user guides, videos, presentation slides and numerous exercises. The trainers will share with the group examples from a wide range of implementation projects. We constantly develop new use cases to prepare your team for real live implementations. Training, user guides and other collateral products and services are provided in the English language. Courses are organized by role and module so your consultants can easily locate the training which best fits their knowledge and experience. For more information and scheduling, contact us via the web form or your partner manager.

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training instructorled

Instructor-led Courses

The most efficient way to learn entimICE is to participate in instructor-led courses. If you want to train a group of consultants together, you can save money and effort by having Entimo conduct a training course at your workplace.



training online

Online Training

In order to eliminate travel expenses, and reduce time away from billable customer projects, your team members and new consultants can get up to speed through our online courses. The concept is similar to the instructor-led courses, but is delivered via Webex. The schedule can be flexibly worked out with the partner manager.

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