Program Requirements

partner levels

The program offers several partnership tiers based on the focus of the partnership and maturity of your entimICE business: Registered, Technical, Expert and Strategic. Partners are allowed to use the following badges in all materials to recognize th eir respective tier in the Entimo Alliance Partner Program. All partners are enrolled in the Entimo Alliance Partner Program at the level that corresponds to their current standing with the program criteria. All partners who apply for the program, but do not achieve the minimum tier criteria are classified as Registered until they reach a higher tier status.

The following table summarizes the tiers and lists their requirements.

Partner Level       


Partners who are registered, but have not achieved a tier.

Technical Technical partners are providers of solutions which are an integral part of the entimICE solution landscape.
Expert Expert has the entry level requirements (training commitment within a three-year period) and benefits such as your own entimICE installation or product support. The Expert partner level certifies proficiency in entimICE.


Strategic is an invitation-only partner level reserved for organizations that have made the greatest contribution the entimICE ecosystem. The Strategic partner level requires training commitment within a three-year period. A separate cooperation agreement is established between Entimo and the strategic partner.




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