Registration Steps

Registration in the Entimo Alliance Partner Program is simple and fast: you need to fill out the following  Contact Form. Upon your registration and Entimo’s acceptance of the registration, you will receive an email notification of your acceptance in the partner program. By registering in the partner program, the partner agrees that the partner name and corresponding tier status may be published on Entimo’s web page.

The partner program has a three-year, auto-renewing term. At least at the beginning of every term, Entimo will assign each partner to a partner tier based on the extent to which the partner has met the membership requirements during the preceding period. You must continue to meet the membership requirements described in Program Requirements applicable to your partner level for the period of three years in order to continue your partner program membership at the achieved partner level. Partners who join the partner program but do not achieve the membership requirements for a higher program level may remain in the partner program as a Registered partner, unless or until Entimo notifies the partner that it is terminating the partnership.

Registered partners may advance to a higher program level when they achieve the membership requirements for that tier. When Entimo accepts you for a partner level, you will be eligible to receive the partner program benefits applicable to your tier. The partner may elect to terminate the partnership on giving written notice. In the event the membership is terminated, all software and other material provided within the scope of the program will remain the property of the providing party and may under no circumstances be retained by the other party.

Partners may only represent themselves as members of the program and partner level to which they have been accepted by Entimo and for which they continue to meet the membership requirements. A partner’s representation to a third party that the partner is enrolled on a different partner program level than the partner level for which the partner is qualified and approved by Entimo is cause for termination of the partner’s participation in the partner program.

Administration of the Entimo Partner Alliance Program, including the assignment of a partner to a specific program tier, is at the full discretion of Entimo.

Click here to download the partner program's guide as PDF.