Electronic Test Cases


With Electronic Test Cases (ETC), Entimo offers a standard software solution for automated testing of SAS macros and programs. The test cases are implemented as SAS scripts. For every test case, expected results can be defined. The fulfillment of the expected results can be automatically checked and reported per test case and as a summary. Generated log messages can be automatically verified, created output objects can be checked against stored reference objects for correctness.

Your Benefits

1. Reduced manual testing efforts

2. Repeatable test executions for automated OQ/PQ

3. Systematic test planning

4. Well documented test results

5. Easy creation of test cases from available programs

What's new?

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Electronic Test Cases Highlights

Did you know? Electronic Test Cases can also be used as a stand-alone product and only require just a SAS base environment!

Systematic test planning

During the test planning phase, test cases in the test script are defined using the following information: Test case description with the change history, source test data or references to stored test data, necessary program parameters and values, expected results (e.g. description of expected log messages, output objects, reports). Various reference formats are supported: SAS data sets, SAS format catalogs, ASCII, Excel, CVS, RTF, PDF, HTML, XML, graphic formats etc.

Easy creation of test cases from programs

Test cases can be easily derived from available SAS programs and customized to specific requirements (e.g. naming convention for output objects).

Test script

Test script


Well-documented test results

After execution, test cases publish the following results: General test case information (test script definition, version, date and time, responsible user, change history), test case data, macro call parameters, expected and actual test results, test cases summary with success or failure message.

Repeatable test executions

With the described approach, the Electronic Test Cases make repeated operational qualification (OQ) and performance qualification (PQ) an easy task with no manual effort.

Test results

Test results