Reconciliation Checker


The entimICE framework contains a powerful tool which supports data reconciliation and impact analysis for standards.

The reconciliation checker allows comparison of data and metadata based on configurable business rules, and creates a comprehensive report containing all used rules and detected issues. The check process can be enhanced by automatic workflows for creation, linking and status-based resolution of issues in entimICE.


1. Configurable business rules

2. Flexible check definition

3. Metadata-driven configuration

4. Parameterizable execution

5. Comprehensive check report

6. Capability for integration into workflows

What's new?

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Reconciliation Checker Highlights

Flexible Check Definition

The tool can be used for such checks as key matches, conditional comparisons of datasets and metadata variables, baseline comparisons or checks of value ranges to mention a few examples. In addition, users can create own or modify existing checks and integrate them into the check stream. The following parameters can be used per check for business rule configuration (selection):

  • Comparison keys
  • Variables for comparison
  • Logical operators for comparison per variable
  • Error categories per variable (errors/warnings)
  • WHERE clauses for compared dataset

Entimo can create configurations of the reconciliation checker according to your specific rules or required query creation/management process.

Metadata comparison

Metadata comparison


Parameterized execution

The reconciliation checker supports flexible parameterization. Comparisons are performed pair-wise with no limitation to the total number of comparisons in one check process. Different comparison rules can be defined per check. Parameters which require user input can be defined via the user interface and can be enhanced with fixed or metadata driven settings. Dynamic parameters can be set by the system without user interaction depending on the execution context. All checks can be combined into one stream and can create one combined report for all check results.

Check Results

The tool generates an interactive report containing the rule settings and detected issues. In addition, a dataset with report content is created and allows postprocessing of check results. The report can be exported in several formats, including Excel.

Data reconciliation

Data reconciliation

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