entimICE Study Builder


The Study Builder creates study setup files for third party products such as EDC based on metadata managed in the metadata repository. The tool supports flexible configuration of items which are used for study setup. For example, metadata domains with clinical data elements, codelists with codelist items, visits as well as forms can be included in the build process. The result of the build process is a system-independent XML file which contains all the study build information.


1. Flexible metadata organization based on domains or concepts

2. Reusability of metadata at the study level without copying

3. Intuitive, wizard-driven setup process

4. Linked data elements allow easy impact analysis

5. Generic, system-independent XML export of the study build

What's new?

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Study Builder Highlights

Concept-Oriented Build Process

The tool supports concept-oriented working: The key idea is separate the definition of components and the definition of forms. Metadata in the repository can be linked to concepts. At the study level, the user can load required concepts into the Study Builder and is led through the build process steps in an interactive view. At each stage, the user only needs to select required item, i.e. select concepts to load related forms, select forms to load related variables, or select variables to load required codelists.

Central library of components


Referencing without copying

After selection, all selected elements automatically become part of the study build. There is no need for all build elements to be copied into the user's study – they can be referenced in the standards without copying. After verifying the study build in the final step, the user can export with one click an XML file containing the complete study build. The built file can be rendered and delivered to target systems, also via a web service.

Concepts linked to variables