Reference Solutions

Entimo’s software engineers have successfully designed, implemented and maintained custom solutions for large crop science companies and regulatory authorities. The list below presents a short, selected extract of custom solutions developed by Entimo for its customers.

Clinical portal

The solution's goal is create a virtual community of employees spread around the various locations of the organization (technical administrators, study managers, clinical research associates, statisticians and biometricians, data managers, medical writers, investigators, employees of the Global Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance (GCP) and Global Medical Surveillance departments as well as upper management) in which all relevant information regarding the latest status of clinical studies could be made available in a unified environment. The challenge was to extract all relevant information out of a plethora of distributed clinical data sources (i.e. ClinTrial, Impact), avoid presenting duplicate and out-of-date information as well as present the information in a personalized and localized manner according to the centrally stored user profiles. Built on top of a data repository with structured information and featuring role based user management, the system dynamically provides personalized information as well as secure access to specific data and documents. Because of the diverse user groups accessing the portal, all portal configurations are automatically generated from the repository model.

Residue analysis

The solution manages is a laboratory information and management system for planning, execution and evaluation of residue studies. It contains integrated sample administration and support for the ordering, administration and distribution of preparations and for quality assurance function.


Registration information system

The solution provides support in the preparation of approval documentation for agrochemical products through the integration, compilation and validation of study data, generation of reports for regulatory authorities and support for various interfaces, including those for Microsoft Office products for the further processing of the reports.

Poisons data and information system

The solution accesses and compiles manufacturers' formulations of household chemicals. The system contains information and instructions which are important in cases of poisoning with these chemicals. The regional centers for incidents of poisoning access this information.

Information system for poisoning incidents

This system collects incidents of poisoning with household chemicals and evaluates them according to various aspects – frequency of poisoning with certain chemicals according to age, symptoms, regions, etc.

Narcotics notifications monitoring

The system deals with special formulations in the handling of narcotics and the printing of narcotics permits by the responsible authority; it produces import and export licenses; runs the substitution register, etc.

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