DARE is a metadata driven statistical computing environment with a tightly integrated data and metadata repository. The ultimate goal of the solution is to provide a unified programming interface for SAS, R, SPLUS and SQL with access to integrated flows of data from heterogeneous sources and value-adding tools. Numerous robust tools help you manage your programs, documentation, metadata, codelists, and provide for audit trails, versioning and lifecycles along the entire process.


  1. High-performance analytics
  2. Unified and efficient programming
  3. Easy interfacing to data and tools
  4. Direct access to metadata
  5. Central library of reusable standards
  6. Version control
  7. Lifecycle management
  8. Improved team collaboration
  9. Transparent governance process
  10. Reduced administration effort
  11. Regulatory compliant audit trail
  12. Role-based access management

What's new

  • Support of R 3.2.x and S-Plus 8.2
  • Parameter definitions for code snippets
  • Overview of unset parameters
  • Easier detection of scripting errors
  • Reworked scripting editor with code assist and syntax highlighting
  • Configurable SAS Audit Trail level
  • XLSX format for object SAS data export and import
  • New scripting functions and improved scripting editor

Computing Environment Highlights

Unified and efficient programming

The product provides a broad range of features which speed up the program development process and make it more robust. Existing code base can be easily migrated into the repository. All programs can be executed in online, batch, scheduled batch and periodic scheduled batch modes with full traceability of program runs and retrieval of server logs and results. The solution makes such objects as macros and formats available along defined search paths. For program editing, a built-in source code editor offers to the user a broad range of functions such as key-word colored highlighting, line width setting, numerous editing commands and execution of code fragments among others, familiar from the SAS Enhanced Editor. Moreover, external editors are supported and can be used with the environment without limitations to other features. The system allows the user to view or edit any object stored in the repository with an appropriate third-party application, configurable via file extensions in user settings.

Central library of reusable standards

The central repository provides a single view on managed information for all authorized users. Standard programs, macros, parameter definitions, algorithms, mappings as well as metadata and codelists among other things can be made available to the user community in standards areas, supporting the concept of a central library. All standards in the repository can carry additional metadata properties searchable within the repository. The semantic search engine helps find required standards within the shortest time, thus improving reusability and reducing redundant programming.


Easy interfacing to sources and tools

entimICE DARE is based on the open architecture concept and supports easy data and metadata exchange with third party products based on the database access via SAS views, direct database access, web services and information exchange via staging areas. Users can run their programs directly on data views or SAS datasets - the analytical work practice needs no major change. Different backend options might not even be recognized by SAS end-users. External reporting and BI tools such as J-Review, Spotfire, JMP can be easily connected to entimICE DARE via the interfacing means described above. Despite the openness, entimICE DARE is a highly secure environment which granularly controls access to the repository for users and external systems down to the folder, artefact and even row level based on configurable roles and groups.


Transparent governance process

Numerous productive tools to manage programs, macros, data, metadata, codelists, reports, documents and even images are available in the system and boost users’ productivity. The system not only provides the ability of versioning and audit trail but also can automatically keep track of links between objects (for example, between programs and specifications). entimICE DARE controls access to information and guides users through defined lifecycles and workflows.

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