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    Entimo Integrated Clinical Environment or entimICE is a metadata-driven and configurable product suite with seamlessly integrated, model-independent metadata repository (MDR) for standards governance, high-performing clinical data repository (CDR) for data management, multi-language statistical computing environment (SCE) for analysis as well as numerous productive tools...

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Entimo is always on the lookout for outstanding professionals in the areas of project management, software development and sales.

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entimICE DARE supports robust governance for all types of standard metadata including protocol elements, variable and domain metadata, codelists, analysis and reporting metadata among many others. The product maintains global, project and study specific metadata across the whole development lifecycle and makes them available to all dependent downstream processes. The environment supports handling of standardized metadata like CDISC models, as well as company-specific models.

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As a high-performing data repository, entimICE DARE offers a completely new analytical experience for statisticians and data scientists. With Teradata or Hive backend, DARE is able to integrate even Real World Evidence data as well as other data sources like financial or safety data into clinical analysis. The solution allows the user to query, transform and pool data, develop and run ad hoc and standard programs, produce regulatory and management reports as well as submission packages in a fully controlled and traceable manner.

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DARE is a metadata driven statistical computing environment with a tightly integrated data and metadata repository. The ultimate goal of the solution is to provide a unified programming interface for SAS, R, SPLUS and SQL with access to integrated flows of data from heterogeneous sources and value-adding tools. Numerous robust tools help you manage your programs, documentation, metadata, codelists, and provide for audit trails, versioning and lifecycles along the entire process.

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Latest News

New Management Team

BERLIN — 2 January 2020 — Marc Jantke (CEO) and Sven Prasse (COO) replace Jürgen Spieler and Dr. Marianne Neumann in the management team. Dr. Marianne Neumann (former COO) and...

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Fifth entimICE User Group Meeting Takes Place in Berlin

BERLIN — October 2019 — Entimo welcomed delegates from customer and partner organizations to the 5th entimICE User Group Meeting in Berlin. The agenda included customer presentations on use cases...

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Entimo Launches New entimICE DARE Release 4.4

BERLIN — March 2019 — Entimo launched a new version of entimICE DARE, 4.4. The release contains numerous new features and improvements, such as a first approach to Enterprise Data...

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Entimo Exhibits at PhUSE EU Connect 2019

Amsterdam, Netherland — 10–13 November, 2019 — Find out more about Entimo by meeting our people at PhUSE EU Connect 2019.

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Entimo Takes Part in CDISC US Interchange 2019

San Diego, California, USA — 14–18 October, 2019 — Get to know Entimo by visiting our exhibit at CDISC US Interchange 2019.

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Entimo Participates in PhUSE US CSS 2019

Silver Spring, Maryland, USA — 9–11 June, 2019 — Learn more about Entimo and entimICE at our exhibit at the PhUSE US Computational Science Symposium 2019.

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Entimo Exhibits at CDISC Europe Interchange 2019

Amsterdam, Netherlands — 6–10 May, 2019 — Meet some of the minds behind Entimo at our booth at CDISC Europe Interchange 2019.

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Entimo participates in PhUSE EU Connect 2018

Frankfurt, Germany -- 4-7 November, 2018 -- Entimo is going to take part in the PhUSE EU Connect 2018. Visit our booth and attend our two stream presentations. 

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Entimo takes part in CDISC Interchange US 2018

North Bethesda, MD USA -- 8-12 October, 2018 -- Entimo participates and exhibits at the CDISC Interchange US 2018.

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