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Our mission

The importance of clinical data has grown significantly in recent years. More systems are collecting and analyzing data, more systems need access to process data, more business functions are interested in harnessing data. Yet the organization, control and processing of ever-growing volumes of clinical data in a regulatory compliant way remains a major challenge for the pharmaceutical industry. Entimo AG offers market-proven software products and superior professional services to address these current challenges and to be ready to meet future demands.

Your Benefits


Achieve compliance with industry standards and regulations in your R&D organization with entimo. From study setup to submission, standardized workflows and stringent process control ensure that regulatory requirements are met.

Fit for purpose

Ensure short implementation and validation times with a ready-to-go SaaS solution in the cloud or on premises. Fully scalable from ten to more than a thousand system users, for biotech start-ups or global pharmaceutical enterprises, entimo solutions are deployed either in a preset standard configuration or adapted to specific requirements.


Easily integrate or interface with other solutions, software components and up- or downstream processes via flexible APIs and an open architecture. Powerful built-in capabilities or familiar analytical tools can be used to efficiently complete tasks.


Benefit from decades of experience and in-depth domain knowledge delivering professional services. Project Managers and Business Analysts provide consulting, development, training and IT delivery for entimo solutions or for custom projects.

Our Business

entimICE® FastTrack

is a cloud-native, next-generation Clinical Data Repository and Statistical Computing Environment that gives its users the freedom to use tools and analytical languages of their choice. With built-in workflow capabilities and study deliverable tracking, entimICE FastTrack offers full traceability, version control and data reproducibility. The system provides a wide range of visual reporting capabilities, facilitating data analysis and interpretation, and monitoring submission readiness of a clinical study. Its cloud infrastructure ensures high-performance computing and the ability to handle datasets of any size. entimICE FastTrack is a flexible, scalable and audit-ready system that guarantees effortless GxP compliance.

entimICE® DARE

is a metadata driven traditional Statistical Computing Environment with a tightly integrated Clinical Data Repository, handling any associated metadata. For out of the box functionality and configurability to adjust to evolving customer demands, entimICE DARE is unrivaled in the market. The system provides superior adaptation capabilities, serving different sizes of communities from small teams to enterprise platforms with thousands of users. It offers flexible interfaces to other systems in the landscape while always guaranteeing full regulatory compliance within the system.

Professional Services

Entimo AG offers its pharmaceutical, agrochemical and regulatory customers comprehensive support in the areas of requirement analysis, specification, system design, project and quality management, implementation, testing, and validation of solutions. The company has an expert team of statistical programmers who deliver holistic solutions for data transformation, analysis and reporting  all according to customer needs. We value transparent and trusted long-term relationships strengthened over many years. Our approach enables optimal solutions based on domain expertise and mutual understanding. Entimo AG has adopted the agile way in mindset, processes and tools, and we invite our customers to benefit from this deep experience.

About Entimo AG

Entimo AG is a life sciences informatics company providing solutions and services to biopharmaceutical and contract research organizations, addressing regulatory requirements in clinical research and development.

We use state-of-the art and holistic technological approaches to meet current and future challenges in the biopharmaceutical and life sciences industries, while guaranteeing our customers the highest level of quality and the best possible customer support.

Got a project in mind?

Reach out to us with a question or to ask for a demo and see how entimo can help to improve your processes and your business.