Our Company

entimo® - enterprise integrated modules

Entimo AG is a life sciences and regulatory informatics company which delivers high quality software products and services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and crop science companies, contract research organizations and medical device manufacturers as well as the relevant regulatory authorities.
We use state-of-the art and holistic technological approaches to meet current and future challenges in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries, while guaranteeing our customers the highest level of quality and the best possible customer support.

Quality and trust

Entimo commits to superior quality products as well as flexible and reliable services which meet our customer's needs. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification and resulting obligation to continuous monitoring of performance standards and constant improvement of our processes means that our customers can be assured they receive the highest level of support in the areas of data acquisition, monitoring, data analysis and reporting as well as in the optimization of their business processes through our software solutions.

Optimized business processes

The range of our professional services includes requirement analysis, specification, design, implementation, testing, project and quality management and validation. Entimo provides consulting, migration, conversion installation, training and maintenance. Our customers are supported by experienced Professional Services teams. Find out more about our Professional Services here...

Experienced staff

The majority of Entimo's crew have accumulated years of shared team and project experience while working for international clients and regulatory authorities, and contribute up-to-date technological expertise and individual expert know-how to the development of our eR&D solutions. Our staff have worked successfully in exceptionally large-scale projects for pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies as well as for regulatory authorities.