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More than just business!

  • Progress on sustainability

entimo is living up to the green company color and putting a lot of emphasis on environmental, social and economic sustainability. In the scope of our efforts, we are conducting business aligned with our sustainability policy and are striving to progress towards our ambitious goals regarding carbon neutrality, reduced waste production and water consumption. We are making sure that our employees are working in a secure and diverse environment with no place for discrimination, corruption and bribery. We are working with business partners who share the same values. Because sustainable supply chains require transparency, we are disclosing our sustainability achievements to EcoVadis, our carbon emissions to CDP, and we are committing to SBTi.

  • entimo is an Alba Company Sponsor

entimo is a Berlin-based company with a strong connection to the city. We are proud to sponsor the famous local basketball team of Alba Berlin through the Alba Berlin Company Club. Alba has won the German BBL Championchips 11 times, as well as the German DBB Cup and is playing on the international stage in the EuroLeague. Sports sponsorship fits well with the sporty entimo colleagues who are enthusiastically playing basketball, badminton, golf and soccer, among others, or are running, biking, swimming and skiing. In addition, entimo sends and sponsors multiple teams in the annual 5x5 km team relay run, a city-wide sports event organized by the Berliner Wasserbetriebe.

  • Supporting the PHUSE community

entimo has been engaged with PHUSE since the early days as a premier community member, exhibitor and presenter and is actively engaged in PHUSE working groups. PHUSE is a global community and platform for the discussion of topics encompassing the work of data managers, biostatisticians, statistical programmers, data scientists and clinical IT professionals. PHUSE has become the industry voice to regulatory agencies and standards organizations such as the FDA, EMA & CDISC. PHUSE events are the perfect opportunity for entimo to stay connected with industry trends and to meet industry experts, helping to refine and shape the entimo products and services.

  • CDISC Gold Member

entimo has been engaged with CDISC since 2008 as a Gold Member, conference attendee and exhibitor, supporting CDISC in their endeavor to continuously improve clinical data standards. CDISC is a non-profit organization that develops and advances data standards of the highest quality to transform incompatible formats, inconsistent methodologies, and diverse perspectives into a powerful framework for generating clinical research data. We at entimo are on top of the clinical data standards provided by CDISC, from CDASH to SDTM and ADaM, and make daily use of them in scope of our products and services. We are also in close contact with CDISC about current and future projects such as biomedical concepts, Dataset-JSON and CDISC CORE.

  • Working with Zifo

entimo and Zifo have been partners in clinical research and development since 2018. Zifo is a global data science and informatics service provider who supports their customers and partners to discover, develop, manufacture and test products and solutions that support global health and well-being. Zifo is providing high quality and regulatory-compliant cloud platform operation and support services for the entimICE FastTrack solution to our customers. Zifo and entimo are strategic partners for providing innovative clinical data science solutions to the industry. Both share common values strongly centered on satisified employees and customers.

  • ISO 9001

entimo provides products and services to the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry. Practical compliance was a key goals since the foundation of the company in 2002. We are proud of our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System (QMS) which not only defines all our core business processess, policies and SOPs but also is designed for change and improvement. The entimo QMS is updated annually and improved, driven by changed laws and regulations, industry trends and internal proposals. The Quality Management System is audited annually and re-certified bi-annually by an independent third party (TÜV Süd Germany) successfully since 2003.

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