entimICE® FastTrack

Success Redefined

is a cloud-native, next-generation Clinical Data Repository and Statistical Computing Environment based on resilient, well-scaling microservices and highly advanced cluster storages. FastTrack's asynchronous backend and non-blocking web-based user interface elevate the user experience to the next level and never keep the user waiting for a task to finish.

Flexible dashboards guide system users to repository artifacts, which are relevant for the task at hand. User interface elements can be customized to provide optimum support for various tasks; entimICE FastTrack offers many possibilities to work with the system, instead of limiting creativity and efficiency with pre-defined capabilities. While standard analytical programming technologies are tightly integrated, entimICE FastTrack is language agnostic and supports the use of any analytical software, including many open-source tools. With its open and validated API, entimICE FastTrack is well positioned to be the central part of an evolutionary ecosystem, supporting dynamic growth with efficient system validation.

Stay tuned for the latest news!

Stay tuned for the latest news about the new platform to simplify and accelerate your clinical development!

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