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New Management Team

Marc Jantke (CEO, on right) and Sven Prasse (COO, on left) replace Jürgen Spieler and Dr. Marianne Neumann in the management team. Dr. Marianne Neumann (former COO) and Jürgen Spieler (former CEO) founded Entimo AG in late 2002, along with two further stakeholders, sharing their vision of providing software products and professional services for clinical research and development in the pharmaceutical industry.

Since then, Marianne and Jürgen have dedicated their energy and their passion as managing directors of entimo to bring this vision to reality. entimo has grown ever since, and is now serving top global pharmaceutical companies in Europe, the US and Asia. The entimICE products are supporting thousands of users working in the core business of our valued customers. entimo is providing professional services to our customers based on trust, collaboration and expertise in the pharmaceutical sector.
After many successful years, Marianne and Jürgen decided at the end of 2018, in agreement with the supervisory board, not to extend their contracts and to pass their management responsibilities on to the next generation. In early 2019, upon recommendation from the departing management board, the supervisory board appointed Marc Jantke as CEO and Sven Prasse as COO to follow Dr. Marianne Neumann and Jürgen Spieler as managing directors of entimo starting in 2020.
Marc has been with entimo since 2004 and is currently head of product development for the entimICE product suite.
Sven has been with entimo since 2002 and is successfully managing the area of professional services at entimo.
Along with all our other activities, the year 2019 was dedicated to passing on knowledge and business practices to ensure a seamless transition for our customers, employees and partners. entimo is managing this change carefully, well aware of the consistency and continuity of service.
Marianne and Jürgen are and always will remain true “entimohicans” and will continue to support entimo with their expertise and wisdom in the future.